Below are our rates for the different services we offer:
  • 1. Once off packages allows you to query a specific chapter and or tariff code reports – this package is for companies or clients who just require a once-off report from us.
  • 2. Annual subscriptions allow clients and companies to get monthly reports on chapters or tariff codes at a reduced rate – these subscriptions are renewable and the longer you are a client the more accurate result you will get on the information reports
  • 3. Custom Reports is also an option if you have a very specific requirement or need related to the reports generated – we can provide custom reports and will quote you beforehand on your needs. Additional to the standard data you can also view “purpose Codes” which indicates the transaction purpose ie duties paid etc. (DP). We can also provide data from August 2018 on Chapters 1 – 44 and on Chapters 45 – 99 from November 2018

Once Off

From R11 500
  • R 11 500 for the first chapter
  • R 3 450 per additional chapter
  • All prices include VAT
  • Receive last 3 month’s data
  • By default, we provide a 3 month report.
  • Microsoft Excel Reporting
  • Online graph generator
  • For business and individual usage
  • Enquire


From R 2 875 p/m
  • R 2 875 for the first chapter
  • R 920 per additional chapter/s
  • Annual subscription renewed every 12 months
  • All prices include VAT
  • View data from August 2018
  • Microsoft Excel Reporting
  • Online graph generator
  • Enquire

Custom Reports

On Request
  • Pricing based on requirements
  • Customised Reporting
  • Draw data from group sets at any random point of time
  • Additional purpose code data
  • PDF reports
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet raw data
  • View data from August 2018
  • Can also have access to own account
  • Enquire

I want to get started

To get started, click on the enquire link below. – We will contact you beforehand to ensure that you have all the correct chapters with the tariff lines relevant to your needs and requirements. We will then submit you a quote for approval before we conclude the transactional arrangements. Payments can be made via EFT and/or credit card, dependent on the registration type, ie. Once off or annual subscriber. Our payment gateway transacts through SagePay and is a secure online payment process.