All orders should be accompanied by a purchase order number or alternative confirmation via e-mail or a signed proof of the quotation document. EFT payments should be accompanied by a Payment confirmation (POP - Proof of payment) sent via email to enquiries@imexdata.co.za. Invoices will be submitted on the 20th or closest date thereto of each month for payment before or by the end of such month. All debit orders will be furnished and processed by the 26th of each month for deductions from your account in the event that you opted for such processing. Any client can upgrade their account with more Chapters – we will subsequently increase the monthly premium for and until the end of the annual subscription where after the client can then opt to either proceed with then defined chapters or contact us to inform us of changes to said Chapter requirements. Clients cannot downscale their package choices until the lapse of initial subscription period has concluded. We will however review the requirement for downscaling if clients address this with us in writing.


Subscriptions run for a 12 month period and in the event that you want to cancel a subscription, the termination period would be for 2 months in advance. We require written cancellation submissions to be made to enquiries@imexdata.co.za – we will confirm the cancellation with you and also process/invoice the 2 month levy premium for payment. At conclusion of the 12 month term contract, the contract will automatically renew unless the client has submitted an official letter for cancellation. Annual cost increases are due at the renewal of the contract in accordance with inflation.


Any signed documentation or email confirmation are legal and binding. In the event of a dispute arising as a result of non-payment, the desired legal route will be taken to settle the dispute and all legal costs would be to the account of the client - this includes all our legal fees in the event that the client wants to redeem monies from us as well as our efforts and legal costs to redeem monies from said client. Digital Interactive will not pay back any monies demanded by clients. Breach of contract and remediation processes will be at Management’s discretion to decide the legal route to follow and get to a closure of the matter as quickly as possible.


IP remains the property of Digital Interactive.


As standard practice we implement the necessary backups and security on the IMEXDATA platforms and hosting environments, however cannot guarantee that data integrity will at all times be intact due to unforeseen circumstances. Clients are welcome to discuss any additional requirements with regards to securing data and software with Digital Interactive should the need arise. As part of the CPA, we require our clients to ensure that information provided are up to date and in line with current legislation. Whilst every precaution will be made to ensure that software developed by Digital Interactive are free of errors and secure, Digital Interactive cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction, bugs or incorrect output etc. Data loss as a result of breach to the security of the data or software through third party ‘hacking’ or system errors, will not be reimbursed to our clients in whatsoever way or means. Digital Interactive will endeavor to recover any data loss by means of restoring available backups.